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is America's fastest growing and largest youth conservative organization. As a Turning Point USA Contributor, I work every day to represent the mission, values, and vision of this organization and the conservative movement to the world. You may recognize me as the host of Freedom Seeds and On The Frontlines, two shows powered by our TPUSA Productions team, giving you intellectual and cultural ammo to WIN America's culture war in just one minute, every day! You'll frequently find me speaking at TPUSA conferences, on campuses nationwide, or in our state-of-the-art studio space in Phoenix, Arizona.

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I regularly write content for the Turning Point USA Live Feed, a one-stop-shop for all TPUSA Contributors to share their unfiltered thoughts on the news of the day. Check out my latest posts on the Live Feed, as well as content from Charlie Kirk, Alex Clark, Graham Allen, Rob Smith, Morgan Zegers & more by clicking the image here!

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