We're erasing femininity

In the United Kingdom, medical professionals are now being told to stop using the words "breastfeeding" and "breastmilk" and instead refer to "CHEST milk" in a desperate attempt to be more inclusive to what they call "pregnant PEOPLE" (instead of pregnant women).

No, I am not kidding.

Femininity is just as toxic today, it seems, as masculinity, and our woke society is determined to erase every difference between men and women in the name of inclusivity.

Only one problem with that--there ARE tangible differences between men and women built right into our very biology. We aren't all Ken dolls with zero differences in anatomy, and our differences in biology change how we behave, interact, and live through our physiology. Men and women have always been different--but that's not a bad thing.

My identity as a woman has everything to do with my biology. Women have been tasked with the AWESOME responsibility of bringing LIFE into the world--something men can not do. That's okay! Actually--it's amazing!

Feminism used to be about making men and women truly equal in society by celebrating our differences. Now, the most woke feminists among us are determined to erase femininity all together.

Masculinity isn't toxic. Femininity isn't exclusive of other people. It's okay to celebrate our differences in biology, because no matter how hard we try, they won't be erased. It's time for a serious reality check.

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