It's official--my first book has been OFFICIALLY released!

You can order your copy of Frontlines: Finding My Voice on an American College Campus RIGHT NOW on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more!

I have been asked by so many of you how you can help me on this journey as I step into the author world, and I am so overwhelmed by your support. Here's a few things you can do to help me today & this week:

• First, if you are going to purchase Frontlines today, please consider purchasing

through Amazon. Every purchase here helps me make the Amazon bestseller list this


• Once you've made your purchase on Amazon, please consider writing a 5-star

review for my book or about me as a conservative voice to help drive additional sales!

• Please consider posting about Frontlines on your social media feeds or telling friends

& family about my book to get the word out! I am self-publishing, which means I can

use all the help I can get to get the word out there!

SO excited for everything that is yet to come! Thank you for always supporting my journey and my voice!

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