How I write scripts for Freedom Seeds

We are a few weeks in to my new daily show with Turning Point USA, Freedom Seeds! I am so excited about how well the format has been received from all of you and how much everyone (including me) is learning!

If you aren't familiar with the show, every weekday I post a one-minute video giving you an overarching fact (maybe it's "socialism causes poverty," "women aren't oppressed in the workforce," etc) and provide evidence to back it up. The show isn't meant to provide opinion or commentary, but instead tangible facts which you can take on as intellectual ammo to WIN America's culture war by sharing them with others in your community!

As some of you may know, since the episodes are what we call evergreen content in the productions world, meaning they retain their relevance and meaning always, not just in the current-events moment, we film for an entire month of Freedom Seeds all at once. That means 20 episodes filmed in 1 day!

This can make the script writing process (which I am solely responsible for) pretty difficult. I am often asked how I write so many scripts at once, and where I go to find my research, which I am so excited to share with you today!

I start writing a month's worth of scripts by determining what I want each day's overall topic/fact to be. I discover these topics in a variety of ways, from reading the news (I typically start with the Wall Street Journal, then move on to other news sources) to scrolling through social media in order to find topics I want to corroborate or prove wrong.

Once I've determined the topic, research starts! Google Scholar is a well-known resource in the academic community for peer-reviewed articles and journals, which is especially helpful with science topics. Another resource I use frequently is the Congressional Research Service from the Library of Congress--they put together easy-to-understand briefings for elected officials and policy wonks with evidence. If I'm looking for think-tank-style briefings and reports, I usually head to the Heritage Foundation website too.

Now, it's writing time! Keeping everything around 1 minute in length is TOUGH, but a good challenge to become a stronger writer with less words. I try to make episodes engaging, funny, and relatable to make them more enjoyable for you guys!

Once scripts are submitted for approval by our productions team, we get ready to film, and I start on the next month of 20 scripts. The grind never stops around here!

What's been your favorite episode of Freedom Seeds? You can always catch up on every episode on my IGTV here.

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