Book Tour: updates from the road

WOW. What a month it has been--and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

It's Saturday, March 27 at 6:52 PM and I'm sitting in my kitchen (finally!) drinking a HUGE cup of hot tea to mend a sore throat while my adorable Corgi puppy, Liberty, snoozes away next to me.

I haven't had the time to just sit and drink a cup of tea in WEEKS, and I am so grateful for this pause in this crazy, hectic season of life before the insanity begins again first thing Monday morning!

After the publication of my first book, Frontlines: Finding My Voice on an American College Campus, my book tour kicked off at the beginning of March and has kept me very busy & on the road for the last several weeks. I have traveled coast-to-coast and met hundreds of you in person, sharing my story from the frontlines of America's culture war and hearing stories of what's happening on campus today, and the itinerary is far from over as I hit the road again for the next five weeks.

There are way too many great moments from the tour so far to pack into one blog post, but here's a few highlights I just couldn't resist sharing with you:

March 2, 2021: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Turning Point USA Chapter at Colorado State University

I kicked off my book tour at my alma mater, Colorado State University! It was so surreal being surrounded by so many incredible patriots on the campus that got everything started for me, where I found the courage to speak up for the things I believe in and share the conservative perspective with those who needed to hear it most.

Seeing old friends and meeting new ones was such a blessing, and being connected once more to the Colorado State "Ramily"--this time as an alum--warmed my heart.

One attendee in particular left an impact on me forever. During our time at CSU together, someone I knew quite well vehemently condemned my activities as a campus activist for TPUSA and was, in fact, a registered Communist party voter who even went so far as to send me a death threat while we were students on campus. This same person attended my speech for my book tour, beginning our reintroduction with a sincere and heartfelt apology for his actions and words while we were students, and thanked me for always being patient and kind in presenting the conservative perspective to those around me. Because of my persistence in sharing my values, he had completely pivoted on his political beliefs and now considers himself to be a conservative--and a gun-owning, conceal-carry-permit-holding one at that!

It was a simple moment, but one that reaffirmed a stalwart truth--anyone's mind and heart can be changed, if only we are courageous enough to pursue the sometimes difficult conversations about our differences in political opinion.

Keep fighting the good fight, TPUSA at CSU--and thank you for always supporting me and my voice on and off campus!

March 8, 2021: Phoenix High School TPUSA Chapters at TPUSA HQ, Phoenix, AZ

Arizona TPUSA Members at our headquarters office in Phoenix, AZ

After returning to Arizona from a fun trip to my home state of Colorado, I had the incredible privilege of hosting TPUSA student activists from across the state of AZ at our TPUSA headquarters office here in Phoenix!

We talked the insanity of cancel culture, what Gen Z has to bring to the culture war as "Generation Free," and gave a sneak peek into a fun new project I am working on for TPUSA (peep the fun background behind me as I am speaking!) that you all will be hearing about very soon!

This event was a classic case of "Instagram-versus-reality," as not one hour before my speech I was at Urgent Care for the WORST migraine I have EVER experienced in my life! God BLESS the doctor who gave me a serious painkiller shot in my behind, wrote me a prescription & sent me on my way, but I kid you not I was incapable of opening my eyes not long before I spoke to this exciting crowd. Amazingly, my pain went away just minutes before my speech and no one would have ever known!

March 13, 2021: Fresno Pacific University, San Luis Obispo, CA

Speaking to Central California TPUSA members

For this weekend event in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA, I was joined by the always-incredible Morgan Zegers, founder of Young Americans Against Socialism (YAAS) and fellow member of the TPUSA Contributor Team! Morgan has become a dear friend of mine over the years working in the conservative movement and it was a blast to speak alongside her to so many wonderful California patriots!

I came from Colorado by way of Utah & Phoenix in the midst of snowmageddon as my home state was being PUMMELED with several feet of snow (still bummed I missed those ski days) after filming an epic project with Jeff Hunt and the Centennial Institute for the Western Conservative Summit days before.... so I literally had zero appropriate shoes for the occasion. These sandals were the best Target had to offer! Good thing Morgan looked so beautiful!

March 18, 2021: Washington County & Cabot TPUSA Activism Hubs, Montpelier, VT

Vermont is full of TPUSA Patriots!

First things first--VERMONT, YOU ARE ADORABLE. Giving this speech was my first trip to Vermont, and although I was there for less than 24 hours, I am excited to one day return!

The Left went out of their way to put posters up around town referring to TPUSA as "fascists" and Nazis, but not one of them actually showed up to protest the event. Figures!

There was one person at the hotel where we hosted the venue who was incredibly upset to see a large gathering of people without masks, and he began "protesting" by taking videos of those in attendance. After being escorted out of the venue by our staff, he evidently felt so bad that he put together a handwritten thank-you note that was later delivered to me apologizing for his behavior. Adorable.

After my speech, I was informed that some of our many incredible students in Vermont were inspired enough to start a TPUSA Chapter at the University of Vermont--a school where we've been attempting to get a chapter chartered for YEARS with little luck due to the bullies of the Left. I am so encouraged to see young Vermonters speaking up for liberty in the land of Bernie Sanders!

March 22, 2021: New York City TPUSA Chapters & the New York Young Republicans Club, New York, NY

This week, I returned from the East Coast after speaking to Turning Point USA student activists and members of the New York Young Republicans Club in Manhattan!

I love visiting New York (not sure if I could ever live there, but always love visiting the Big Apple! This visit was different, though--one could feel the impact of the last year and the insane regulations/bad leadership of 2020/2021 in the air. Countless businesses, stores, and restaurants have gone out of business, unable to survive with forced closures and limited capacity. My mom came on this trip with me, and we walked right into restaurants with no reservations and right onto the ferry to Ellis Island! New York is the city that never sleeps, but it's sleeping today, and I pray it is able to recover from this insanely difficult time.

That being said, the incredible people in attendance at my event this week are NOT SLEEPING. They are energized and excited about sharing the conservative voice with New Yorkers, and they're just getting started. There were about 100 people who came out to hear my story and become connected with a conservative community in TPUSA/NYYRC, and I am so inspired by their enthusiasm! I have no doubt New York is in for a cultural revolution.

I am so deeply grateful to each and every one of you who has come to an event in person or logged into one on Zoom for my book tour thus far. Meeting you all and getting to know you is the highlight of my job, and I am so touched and humbled to be a part of this incredible community across the nation. For the next few weeks, I am back on the road again, and I can't wait to update you with more photos & stories very soon!

Keep fighting for our freedom, patriots--we need conservative voices EVERYWHERE.