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My first book, Frontlines: Finding My Voice on an American College Campus, is launching next week!I am so excited to be sharing my story of my college experience and finding my voice within the conservative movement with you all next Tuesday, February 23!

I have gotten so many questions about book week, so wanted to answer them for you as we get closer to launch day!

Where will I be able to purchase Frontlines?

Frontlines will be available on Amazon (including all of Amazon's international

shipping locations) and other book retailers (Barnes and Noble online included!)

once they stock the inventory. If you want to buy a copy the day Frontlines

launches, your best bet is to purchase through Amazon, where it will be in stock

on February 23 and available for Prime shipping!

What formats will the book be available in?

Frontlines will be available for purchase in eBook, paperback, and hardcover

formats on launch day, and as an audiobook a few weeks after that!

How can I help Frontlines succeed during book week?

I am so grateful for all of your help! You can help Frontlines make the Amazon

bestseller list during book week through a few easy steps: first, writing a 5 star

review on my Amazon page for the book or about me as a conservative voice,

second, by purchasing a copy (and some extras for family and friends!), and

third. by sharing your excitement about Frontlines online and with people in

your community!

Will you be doing a book tour?

Yes!! I am so excited to be sharing the locations of my book tour with you all on

Wednesday, February 24 (one day after book launch!). I can't wait to see you on

the road as I travel to a college campus near you!

Will you be selling signed copies?

Yes, but not in the traditional way you think. My book is available through print-on-

demand printing, which means I don't ever have the copy in my hands before you

order it. If you can't bring your physical copy to one of my book tour stops, you

will be able to purchase a signed insert (4x6 sticker) to peel and stick on one of

the blank pages at the beginning of your book. More info on how to order these

will be available soon.

I am so grateful for all of your support and can't wait for you to pick up a copy of my first book! The best is yet to come!

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